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All You Need to Know Why Entrance Matting Is Important In Your Workplace?

Everybody knows that dirt control at any building’s entrance is a concern. It is important to be properly advised on how to find high-quality matting solutions that have been designed and manufactured with this end in mind.

The most common causes of dirt buildup in workspaces are moisture and dirt. Wet floors can easily lead to slips and trips. This is why an entrance mat will be needed to keep dirt from building up in your workplace.

How do you choose the correct entrance mating?

Correct Sizing

You have to take care of your floors. Make sure you get entrance matting that is appropriate for your space.

This will enable the mat to perform its dirt control function at maximum effectiveness. It also means that dirt and moisture are kept inside the building, which makes it safer.

Calculate Traffic Flow

You need to ensure the right sizing. There are many types of matting available. Some are designed for heavy foot traffic areas, while others are for walking spaces with light foot traffic. Also, consider delivery carts and trolleys that might be passing through this area.

Weather Conditions

Winter weather can bring snow and rain, which will create a lot more mud, dirt, and grime every day. It is important to choose entrance mats that are weather-resistant. This will depend on where your facility is located. Be aware of the climate in your local area when choosing the mat.

How to Choose the Best Scraper Mats

You can get the best results with entrance mats by buying several. This will allow you to remove dirt and moisture in stages. If your budget is tight, an entrance mat that has scraper elements embedded into it can also be purchased. These will take dirt and debris from the shoes.

The best entrance mats work together with the right-sized scraper or wiper mats. Additional wiper mats can trap soil from the bottom of shoes. This will prolong the life of your entrance mats.

It is worth investing in proper entrance matting. This will reduce your cleaning costs and help you avoid any legal action or litigation from slips or trips at your workplace. In an increasingly litigious world, this threat is increasing.

The correct entrance mat is a great way of giving a professional appearance to everyone who enters your building.

You can also have your logo printed on your entrance mat. This adds credibility and brand recognition.


These entrance mat products are available in rolls and can be used to fit the area with a variety of techniques.

When the mat is to be fitted into a mat well once it arrives on-site, it will often need to first be cut using a knife, then glued or dropped in place.

You will need an angle grinder for cutting and fitting some of our scraper mat roll’s aluminum strips.

Some products have a rubber backing that grips to the sub-floor surface. This allows them to be placed directly on the floor.

We come with a rubber edge as standard. However, some mats can be retro-fitted in PVC or Aluminium, depending on where the mat is to be placed.

Wearwell is a U.S. Manufacturer of ergonomic flooring products that help standing teams improve performance and fight fatigue.
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