Designing Products for Manufacturing

Designing Products for Manufacturing: Simple Ways to Reduce Costs and Save Money

It is essential to ensure that your business is financially sound. One way to do this is to reduce costs. Although it may seem simple to design without constraints, the best way to reduce costs in apparel design or product development will make a huge difference. These are some tips to help you get on the right track to a full budget and a line of garments that you can be proud to wear.

1. Keep your designs simple: Simpler garment designs make it easier for factories to produce your products. Complex designs with technical elements take longer to construct, while a simple tee-shirt takes less time. The amount of work required to make embellishments like buttons, printing, and embroideries can increase, as well as the cost.

2. Choose fabrics that are easily available: Ask your fabric supplier and/or factory about the fabric qualities and structures that are regularly replenished. These fabrics will save you the hassle of purchasing extra fabric for reorders, as you don’t have to buy more than you need. You won’t need to wait for reorders to be filled.

3. Limit Color Variations: You can add more colors to your order, but it will increase the cost. Sometimes even adding one color will make the price go up by twice. Limit your production to two colors if this is your first run. Although this may seem like a small number, it is quite a task, especially if you have multiple sizes. It is best to limit the number of colors per product or style.

4. Limit the number of styles: Start with just one to six styles of clothing. Start-ups that sell fewer items can reduce risk, increase manufacturing efficiency, and manage reasonable budgets. Too many options can cause buyers to abandon you. Remember that less is better. As they become loyal, get them to try your best garments.

5. You can work off the basic blocks: A block is a silhouette of a pattern that can be used year after year with minor adjustments. A t-shirt block is an example. The shape of the t-shirt remains the same but the trim, color, and length can change or additional details such as a pocket or pocket may be added. Although designing apparel is exciting, it will increase production costs by having to reinvent the wheel every season. Your pattern maker should create basic blocks for core styles. They will not need to make new patterns but they can modify the existing pattern. Because basic blocks can be both time- and money-saving.

  • Save money on pattern-making and product design
  • The factory has previously manufactured the product so there is less risk in sewing or production. They can quickly get to it and can do so without any hesitation
  • If you have a product that is selling well, increase your sales by keeping the original and making slight changes to create new styles.

6. Ask the Factory for your Fabrics: Garment factories can negotiate the best prices because they have greater buying power than small brands. They will be able to source the exact quality that you require if you send them at least 10″x10″ of it.

7. Do your research and test your ideas: Make sure that there is a market and people are willing to purchase your garments. Although this may seem obvious, the biggest mistake new designers make is expecting money to flow in regardless of how they make it. Focus groups and surveys are great ways to gather research. You can also make samples and ask for pre-orders from people before you commit to bulk production. This will ensure that you get at least a certain number of sales so you are sure you’ll get a return.

There are many methods to build a successful clothing brand and reduce your overall cost. The Canadian clothing manufacturers are a leading custom sewing company and we manufacture high-quality products that are produced in a Canadian factory. These simple guidelines will help you save money and make your dreams come true. This is what we love! It’s so good!

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