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Entrance Mats: The Different Material Used

Entrance floor mats offer a variety of benefits to commercial businesses. From accident prevention to décor, entrance mats help organizations to achieve goals in danger reduction, branding, interior design, and much more. Arguably, there is absolutely no lobby installation that offers greater functionality than these heavy duty floor mats. Today, entrance mats come in various substances that each offers a different host of benefits. Eagle Mat and Floor products have assembled this easy-to-follow guide to assist property owners and company managers learn more about the substances with which these flooring essentials are created.

1) Carpet Entrance Mats

Carpet entry mats are perhaps the most popular and widely used commercial floor mats. These mats can include a nylon yarn that is both high-twisted and heat-set for extra durability. The yarn of these mats can be dyed, providing companies a range of color possibilities.

These mats can be used as unmarked entrance floor mats, or they might be ordered as logo mats that feature a custom logo or slogan on the surface. Advanced digital printing technology has made it easier than ever for businesses to make floor mats with complex designs and vibrant colors. This makes logo mats a common addition to the entryways of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses with a prominent brand or logo.

2) Aluminum Entrance Grills

Aluminum or metal grills are a unique type of entrance matting system that is often referred to as grills. These robust floor coverings are comprised of alternating carpet and aluminum slats, or inserts, that lie flush with the floor. Recessed grills are made with heavy traffic in your mind, and their structure includes an inherent compartment where falling dirt, debris, and moisture may accumulate. This underlying compartment is present in the hollow area, or recess, in which the grill system is put.

3) Rubber Mats

Rubber entrance mats are ideal for locations that experience moderate to heavy traffic. Moreover, they are especially helpful in environments that encounter a good deal of snow or rain. Rubber scraper mats are made of 100% commercial grade Nitrile rubber which squeegees shoe bottoms to eliminate moisture and other debris. Heavy duty rubber mats are highly resilient to cold weather, heavy rains, snow, ice hockey, and more in virtue of the 100% Nitrile construction.

4) Polypropylene Mats

Polypropylene entrance mats offer a superb combination of performance and beauty. Polypropylene is more resilient than ordinary carpet, making these types of entry mats perfect for outside use. Waterhog floor mats are among the most famous products made from polypropylene. Waterhog mats have skyrocketed to become one of the matting industries’ best-selling goods, thanks largely to their polypropylene construction.

5) Non-Slip Mat

Stop slips and falls to avoid costly worker’s compensation. Your best defense is prevention. It starts with non slip mats. It will help you to keep your employee, staff, visitors, and workers safe from slipping on the floor and its major injuries. It has so much grip, which is why it sticks with the floor.

6) Eco-Friendly Mats

Entry mats are also available in a range of different environmentally friendly materials. These floor mats are designed with sustainability in mind, using only recyclable materials which are also effective in dirt, moisture, and debris containment. Recessed Cocoa mats are an excellent example of an environmentally friendly flooring mat that’s both popular and highly effective. Cocoa mats comprise a surface made from the coarse fibers of the coconut husk. These all-natural mats are popular among earth-honoring companies and LEED projects equally!

Another popular eco-friendly field of flooring mats includes the Waterhog ECO series. These entry mats are manufactured from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles and might help projects earn LEED credits.

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