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Everything about How to Pack & Move Valuable Items

Do you have to transfer your prized paintings, antiques or fine sets? Then, you will need to know how to do it properly. This is a different sort of moving compared to packing and moving clothes and books. Your valuable items have to be managed with the utmost care precisely. You don’t wish to hazard damages and crushes of your fragile and precious items. If you drop a box full of clothing it’s remarkably distinct from dropping a box full of fragile and valuable items. So, if you want to prevent anxiety, then you have to understand how to pack and transfer valuable items with utmost care to minimize the risk.

If you want to be sure everything is handled properly and efficiently look at hiring packing services. Nobody knows better to take care of precious things than specialists who are trained and skilled for this kind of relocation. The following packing and moving tips can allow you to relocate your valuable items to your new home.


Before you employ any movers, be certain to pack and protect your precious items properly if you’d like to prevent damages and crushes. To do it in an ideal way, you have to know precisely what valuable items you will pack. Create an inventory list of all of the precious items you own. A comprehensive list can allow you to take all of the items you’ve got. Also, it’s useful if something gets damaged or lost during the transition.

Make certain that you take photos of your expensive items as proof of the condition before the move. These photos will be very careful if you want to claim the move. Also, collect all necessary documents such as receipts, bills, and certificates of authenticity, etc.


Moving valuable things requires the right kind of moving policy. With the ideal sort of moving insurance, then you’ll have peace of mind and your things will be secure from start to finish. Thus, before you pack and move valuable items, it’s a fantastic idea to call your insurance provider to ask them about your existing policy so you can know if you must purchase another type of moving insurance for this sort of transfer. If something happens to your valuable items during the move, it is good to know that your expensive items are covered. Apart from full value protection, you also need to be sure you have the proper packing abilities and packing supplies.

Get quality packing supplies

If you want to pack your precious items correctly then you need to get appropriate packaging supplies and moving boxes. The caliber of packaging supplies has the biggest effect on the achievement of the packaging procedure. So, if you want to keep your things safe, make certain to assemble proper packing supplies and solid moving boxes. It’s advisable to use the original boxes. But, if you don’t have it, and you want to save a little money by locating them for free, be certain that they are in good shape.

If you want to move electronics, be certain they’re accurately packed and secure. Make sure that your cardboard boxes are strong, dry, and tidy. Avoid packaging valuable items in damaged boxes. Also, make sure that your packaging paper is quality since it is the very first protective coating. When you want to package and move valuable things you also need various types of wrap material. Go to the regional office supply store and get everything you need from packaging supplies to safeguard your items correctly for the move.


A fact that you are packaging high prices and extra delicate things can make you nervous. Because of a good deal of stress, it can be very tricky to package and protect your valuable items. If you want to do it right and to avoid damages, you should follow a couple of steps and you’ll be free of worries during the transfer.


  • Use additional protection when you pack and move valuable items

When you pack your valuable items inside the moving boxes make sure to use high-quality packing tape to double tape the bottoms. Additionally, use a few sheets of wrap material to place it to the base of each box to keep your valuable items protected.

  • Pack your framed art properly

In case you have, use specific picture boxes to pack your paintings and photos. Additionally, make sure to use packing paper to produce cushions inside the box. Glass bits ought to be extra protected and must not be moving inside the box.

  • Transport your jewelry in jewelry boxes

If it’s possible, transfer your jewelry pieces to jewelry boxes. If you do not have this type of box, there are many other ways to protect and package your jewelry. For example, you can shield your necklaces and bracelets with empty toilet paper rolls.

Additionally, you can use egg cartons to pack your rings.

  • Electronic equipment package in their original boxes

In case you have saved the original boxes of electronics, it’s very best to pack them inside. But, if you do not have original boxes, then use plenty of padding materials to wrap all bits. Additionally, when you want to move electronic equipment it’s best to do it on your own to save it from damages. A moving company or long-distance mover will be able to help you move large pieces such as wellness TVs and desktop computers.

  • Antique furniture necessitates professional moving assistance

If you want to pack and move antique pieces of art, it’s best to use help from reliable fine art movers. Additionally, moving agents are educated and skilled to create the transition of your valuable items safely and efficiently.

If you do not have the ideal equipment and packing supplies, employ professionals to package and move precious items.


Any of your delicate items require particular care. Your valuable things like expensive musical instruments, expensive china, priceless wine collections, artwork, etc. need more protection when packing and moving. If you would like to do it correctly, follow our guide or whether you’d like to decrease the stress, hire a reliable and trusted moving company.

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