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The Top Reasons To Clean Furnace and Air Duct In Winter

How long have you been without having your dryer ducts and furnace cleaned? It may be time to have your furnace and dryer ducts cleaned if you don’t recall.

This important maintenance service is best done in winter. Your furnace will work harder in cooler temperatures, so it needs to be in top condition. You also need to make sure that your ducts are in top condition for AC maximum use with spring and summer just around the corner.

You should also be aware of safety issues. You and your family are safer if your furnace and ducts are cleaned every year.

You may have heard that duct cleaning doesn’t need to be done. However, this is incorrect. We’ll break down the top advantages of professional cleaning.

The importance of cleaning your air ducts

Duct cleaning and furnace cleaning are the process of clearing out the vents and ducts that provide air to your home. They can become contaminated with bacteria and fungus over time.

To ensure that all debris is removed, professional air duct cleaners use special brushes, vacuums, and blowers. Let’s take a look at the benefits your furnace will bring to your home.

Higher Quality Air

The overall improvement in indoor air quality is a major reason why you should have a furnace or duct cleaned.

Although you may not realize it, every day contaminants enter your home. These contaminants could come from household chemicals or allergens from the outside. These contaminants can be circulated through your HVAC system, eventually polluting your air ducts.

Your ducts should be cleaned annually to reduce the spread of contaminants and improve air quality. This is particularly important if you have allergies.

Save on Energy Bills

Your HVAC system will work harder to maintain your home’s comfort if your furnace or ducts are dirty. This results in more energy being used, which can lead to higher monthly bills.

A furnace and duct cleaning will ensure that your unit doesn’t get overworked. This is particularly important during winter when your unit is being used more.

You will be able to save money on cleanings and have lower bills all year.

Increase the life expectancy of your Furnace

As we mentioned, dirty air ducts can make your unit work harder. It will not only increase your energy costs, but it will also put more strain on your unit and decrease its lifespan.

Your furnace can work too hard and cause stress to all the parts. Your furnace could fail sooner than it should, which can increase the chance of it bursting.

The likelihood of breakdown is also increased by this added strain. This is something you don’t want to happen in cooler temperatures. Not only is it annoying, but also costly for emergency repairs and replacement parts.

Keep your unit in top shape by having it cleaned and furnace checked every year. Do not wait for your unit to break down before you take action.

How Important It Is to Clean Dryer Ducts

Let’s talk about how important it is to keep your dryer ducts clean. This is something you may not be aware of. Most people don’t think about dryer ducts.

There are many reasons to consider dryer duct cleaning for this winter.

Make sure your dryer runs well

Your dryer’s ducts can get clogged up, just like your furnace. This makes it harder for the dryer to do its job. Your dryer will not work as well if you push it too hard. It will also be less efficient and more likely to fail.

Lint can build up in dryer vents and ducts over time. The dryer’s moist air can’t escape if there is too much lint in the ducts.

You may notice that your clothes don’t dry as quickly as they used too. This is likely because your ducts have become blocked. Your dryer will need to work harder and longer to dry your clothes correctly.

You can also check your dryer’s vent outside to see if it is blocked. If you feel no hot air or exhaust, there is likely a blockage.

Avoid potential fires

This is a serious problem. It is a fire hazard if dryer ducts become clogged with lint while the unit is still being used.

Lint is a fire hazard. Lint can catch fire easily if it is not removed. This increases the risk of catching fire.

You should stop using the ducts if you notice a burning smell.

Avoid Harmful Gas

Another safety concern is this. Dangerous gasses can get trapped in dryer vents that are clogged with lint. These gasses cannot escape from the vents leading to your home and could be inhaled by you or your family.

This could pose a safety risk if carbon monoxide cannot escape your home. Carbon monoxide has no odor so it won’t be obvious if it is leaking from your unit. A dryer duct cleaning every year will give you peace of mind.

Keep Energy Efficient

Your dryer’s efficiency is also a benefit for your pocketbook. Your dryer will use more energy drying your clothes if it has a lint-filled tube.

Your dryer’s performance can have an impact on your utility bills, just like your furnace. Get your dryer’s ducts cleaned professionally to reduce your energy bills.

Get a Furnace or Duct Cleaning today

It is important to maintain routine maintenance on major household appliances. You’ll save money in the long run by avoiding unexpected breakdowns and prolonging the life of your appliances.

It is a smart decision to take care of these valuable investments.

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