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The Ultimate Guide: What Size Storage Unit You Will Need

It can be hard to estimate how much stuff you have if it is still scattered throughout your house. Mental visualization is key to visualizing how your stuff will stack up and how much space it takes up. It might be manageable only for even the most skilled mover. So, how do you decide the size of storage unit that you need? Poor estimation can lead to costly mistakes such as buying a too big unit or stuffing your boxes in a too-small unit. This is how to size your storage unit, regardless of whether you are storing a few items during a move or intending to use it long-term.

The 5 x 5 Storage Unit 

This unit is usually the smallest in size and is about the same size as a medium closet. This unit can accommodate a twin-sized mattress or a smaller one such as a crib for a baby. You can fit several small-medium-sized moving boxes, a couple of bedside tables, and one or two other items. This unit is perfect for summer toys, beach toys, and other seasonal items. Take a look at these tips to pack your belongings for storage. This size will not work if you live in a larger space than your college dorm.

The 5 x 10 Storage Unit

A walk-in closet can be a great alternative if a small closet isn’t enough. It could hold a queen bed, a dresser, bedside table, and several medium-sized moving boxes. You can imagine putting a bedroom in the middle of the room. This is about the size of a 5×10 unit. If you have less furniture, a smaller sofa might work. This size is perfect for a one-bedroom apartment.

The 10 x 10 Storage Unit 

This unit is large. It is about the same size as a single-car garage. The unit can accommodate two queen-sized bedroom sets, including dressers and side tables. Alternately you can fit one bedroom set in the unit along with furniture from your living room or dining room. You can easily fill this unit with a few small-to-medium-sized boxes if you have a one-bedroom apartment. This is the smallest size you can go if your mattress is king-sized.

The 10 x 15 Storage Unit

This unit is ideal for two-bedroom apartments. This unit is five feet larger than a standard one-car garage. A 10 x15 can accommodate two bedrooms sets, as well as furniture from your living room and dining area. It also has a few moving boxes. You may need to be very strategic when fitting furniture together. If you don’t want to play furniture Tetris then opt for the next size up.

The 10 x 20 Storage Unit

This unit is ideal for multi-bedroom homes with plenty of furniture. The unit can hold large items such as large sofas, large refrigerators, washer/dryer combinations, and dining room sets. If you have the space, stack small and medium boxes strategically. You can also add larger boxes. This unit is ideal for awkwardly shaped items such as multiple bikes, kayaks, or canoes.

Note: If you want to store a vehicle, this size unit is what you need. You should check with your storage company to make sure that they allow vehicles to be stored in their units. Not all storage companies permit this.

The 10 x 30 Storage Unit

This unit is typically the largest and has a size comparable to a 1 1/2-car garage. This size is best for large, densely furnished homes. This unit can hold a lot of furniture, including large dining sets and bedroom sets. To save space, make sure your belongings are stored in sturdy boxes that you can stack them to save space. You should have enough space for everything and more.

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