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Things You Must Update When Moving Your Company to a New Location

You may find the grass greener on the other side of a fence, and so shifting your business location could be a good option for growth. Moving your business may be necessary due to higher rent or real estate costs, security concerns, insufficient space, and other factors. To ensure minimal interruptions to your business, you need to carefully plan each aspect of your move.

It is crucial to hire the best movers to make your move easier while you are moving from Dallas to Phoenix. It is just the beginning of the process of your move. These tips should help you relocate your business to a new place without any problems.

1. Make and follow the Timeline

To make the move easier, create a timeline. You must notify customers and employees about the move first. You will also need to update or modify your business licenses. Start packing for small businesses at least three months before the move. Medium-sized and large businesses should begin packing 6-8 months before the move.

2. Modify your online business profile

Your address must be updated on all of your online profiles, such as Google Places and Bing Places, Yahoo Locals, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Yahoo!, etc. This will take some time but is necessary to correct an address or phone number that could lead customers to an unoccupied storefront.

It is important to keep your current phone number when you move. If you’re moving within the city, it won’t pose a problem. If you have to change your number, we recommend that you keep your existing number. You might consider redirecting calls from your old number onto your new number. This will help you keep your customers happy. You should also add your telephone numbers to your business profile. Also, you must edit your contact information in your social media profiles.

3. Make a budget

You will need to set aside money to cover moving costs. Make sure you include all costs, from furniture purchases to construction costs, in your budget. To make your move easier, stick to your budget.

4. Find a professional moving company

Without the assistance of a professional moving company, or any other city, making your move easier can be difficult. We recommend hiring professional movers to ensure a smooth move.

Although it is clear to see the advantages of hiring a professional moving company, the real question is: who should you trust with your move? We have extensive experience in residential and commercial moves. We can help make your business move more smoothly.

Texas Movers Group provides long-distance and local moving services in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Allen, Carrollton, Richardson, Katy, Celina, Montgomery, Texas.
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