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Top 10 Tips for Used Restaurant Equipment

Are you currently in the restaurant industry or contemplating getting into the restaurant business? If you’re, you are aware that one of many important cogs to working a successful establishment is the equipment that you have to help store and prepare the food you’ll be serving (not to mention intangibles like furniture and decor). The main point is that you want dependable equipment because if there be a malfunction and the equipment needs to come off for a period that is likely going to lead to an inability to function part of — if not all — the menu that you are supplying to clients. In the worst-case scenario, the restaurant might even require closing for several days before the issue can get repaired. And if you’re not creating food and serving customers, you’re losing money — not making it. And if you need to turn away business, what is the likelihood that these clients could come back to your institution? Probably not good.

For this reason, many business owners are somewhat reluctant to consider used restaurant supplies for their establishment from reputed restaurant supply in Houston. All used restaurant equipment isn’t related equal, but here’s a glance at 10 hints about used equipment and why they’re almost always exactly as viable a solution as purchasing new:

  1. Fantastic quality: It is estimated that as many as 3 out of every 10 new restaurants fail within the first year and around 61 percent of new restaurants fail within the first three years of operation. If that is the situation, the equipment should go someplace — and in most cases, it is sold off to another source. Forget for a minute about where the equipment is sold off through — what’s important to get out of this suggestion is that there is a bevy of gently used restaurant equipment out there for a fraction of the price of buying new. Yes, newer isn’t always better.
  1. Saving money: Transferring the utilized over the new path is especially relevant for new restaurant owners who may have limited funds to get their operations moving. While new restaurant equipment is fine, shiny, and likely includes manufacturer warranties, it is also very expensive. Some owners simply don’t have that kind of money to spend, particularly when things like payroll, permits, and insurance, advertising, and food orders have been taken under account. That’s where buying used equipment can come in handy.
  1. Only buy Commercial: When you are shopping used restaurant equipment, the products you’re purchasing must be commercial-grade. Not only is this pretty much mandatory depending on the standards of local health departments, but such equipment is also easier to clean and maintain. What’s more, is that this commercial-grade gear can stand up to the wear and tear of a restaurant or commercial kitchen.
  1. Do your homework: Just as how some used restaurant equipment is a cut above others, certain makers are as well. Know what manufacturers have a fantastic reputation and which you do not. In other words point farther into perspective, if a piece of equipment will break down quickly and readily when purchased brand new, it is going to probably be more of a difficulty used. Know the good brands out of the bad.
  1. Inspect the Equipment: If you are going to a restaurant auction or maybe a retail shop that carries such equipment, be sure you give the equipment in question a considerable eye test. Check for rust, missing bits, and other damage — anything to give you an idea of a) how old the equipment is, and b) how well it was cared for if it was last in use. You will possibly wear your reporter’s hat to discover where the piece of gear was last used and do a tad bit of studying to find out a few things about the place. This will offer additional clues on what type of item you are possibly obtaining.
  1. Warranties: You should not ever purchase a new piece of restaurant equipment without a warranty. But in some cases, you may also be able to secure a guarantee with a used piece of equipment. Make sure you ask about this — you may be amazed at what the answer is. Needless to say, if you obtain a used piece of equipment with a warranty that is even more of a win when you factor in the cost savings.
  1. Make sure it’s up to code: Chances are if you ever got a new water heater, furnace, or other main home appliance installed lately, someone from the city had to come out to inspect it and make sure it was installed right and is up to code. That is another important element when purchasing used restaurant equipment — be sure whatever piece you’re considering is up to current health and safety codes. This is particularly important once you’re looking at much older, more obsolete equipment.
  1. Proceed with gas: Concerning several major appliances let alone used restaurant equipment — it’s the gas appliances that generally have fewer moving parts than other sorts of gear. Therefore, these appliances are easier to troubleshoot because of this if you run into a pickle where something requires upkeep. When taking into account electrical gear, understand that there are usually more moving pieces. This makes such equipment much more challenging to troubleshoot.
  1. Be wary of fryers: While this post is surely designed to champion the benefits of purchasing used restaurant equipment compared to new equipment, we strongly recommend doing even extra due diligence when it comes to purchasing deep fryers. If you’re going properly used, be extra sure the fryer you’re considering has just been lightly used. That’s because fryers have a higher failure rate according to how the equipment works. So if you’re going properly used, a thorough inspection to check for leaks and any other damages is a must.
  1. Know who you’re purchasing from: There is a large difference between a respectable seller and one who isn’t exactly ethical, so you must understand who you’re purchasing from when it has to do with anything — let alone used restaurant equipment. That’s where a service like Main Auction Services comes in handy. The service collects different products — like used restaurant supplies — also opens them up for resale through bidding. But unlike other venues, you can be certain that any equipment purchased from Main Auction Services is in working condition.
Main Auction Services, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company bringing more than 35 years of combined experience in the restaurant, foodservice and related industries to the internet sales marketplace. Main Auction Services offers a wide variety of quality, new and used restaurant equipment, kitchen supplies, appliances, furniture and decor. 
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