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Top 4 Benefits of A Thoroughly Cleaned Air Duct System

Cleaner breathing air

Regular air duct cleaning has the greatest and most obvious benefit of cleaner indoor air. Can you see dust particles floating in your air when the sun shines brightly through your windows? These particles could be inside your respiratory system and traveling to your lungs every time you breathe. To provide cleaner air for your family and yourself, efficient vent cleaning will remove dust and contaminants from the airflow system.

Fresher Smell

A cleaner air duct system will also have a noticeable effect on your home’s smell. Your home may smell old or dingy due to the air that circulates through it. Your air ducts can trap animal hair, dust, and other debris, leaving behind traces of their scent in the air. Air ducts are a common entry point for rodents and other insects, leaving behind their waste and sheds. Air ducts can become a breeding ground for mildew and mold in humid climates. Your home will smell fresh after a thorough cleaning.

Cleaner Living Environment

Any air that circulates within the air ducts can escape through the vents into your home. The surfaces will collect any material that isn’t inhaled by you or your family members. Dust, pet hair, and other particles travel through your ductwork to search for new places to settle. Did you know that an average home accumulates more than 40 pounds of dust each year? Mold is a frequent problem in HVAC systems across the US. Duct cleaning is a great way to make your home and family more comfortable.

Improved Air Flow

Everything flows better when there is no obstruction, just like your circulatory system and your home’s plumbing. We’ve found that small clogs can quickly grow over time. Duct cleaning can remove obstructions that block airflow. Clean ducts not only improve airflow in the ductwork but also improve the efficiency and flow of appliances that produce the air (air conditioner and heater) as well as those which circulate it (fans, etc.

Regular duct cleaning by your trusted duct cleaners will make your HVAC system last longer. You can visit us online to find out more about residential air-duct cleaning and schedule your duct cleaning today.

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