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Top 5 Most Used Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Before you knew it, your initial restaurant became a booming business! It seems like just yesterday you had your grand opening.

All your equipment was shiny and new. Everything needed that “new restaurant” smell.

Afterward, a few years passed your “new” restaurant is a hotspot with continuous clients and rave reviews.

There are over a thousand restaurants in the United States. With that numerous restaurants, there’s also a lot of kitchen equipment at support. With daily use, kitchen equipment suffers from tear and wear.

Your restaurant’s gear is no exception. Here’s what to know about aging equipment and the five parts of kitchen gear most used and likely to need repair or if you want to replace your restaurant equipment thenTexas Restaurant Supply offers restaurant equipment for sale for buying and selling used/new restaurants equipment.

How Old is Too Old?

Your first question might be: how long does kitchen equipment last?

Depending upon the specific piece, your kitchen equipment has a lifetime. Generally, your equipment needs a replacement after ten years in use.

Despite thorough cleaning, aging equipment can collect mold and germs over time. You’ll also notice equipment does not operate as economically the older it gets.

Aging equipment and equipment which isn’t running at peak performance may also affect the taste and quality of your food and drinks.

Keep records of when you first purchase your kitchen equipment. If you purchase used equipment, make certain you research service records. Note documentation about the age of this machine.

Which machines will be the most used? Take a look at those five pieces.

  1. Is the Refrigerator Running?

Just because the fridge runs after several decades in service doesn’t mean it is safe to keep on using.

Refrigerators attract mold and germs. Without regular cleaning, your restaurant’s cooling system may be putting your food and clients at risk.

Your walk-in refrigerator needs routine maintenance. Check the compressor, condenser, and evaporator coil regularly. Check Replace if needed.

If these components start running loudly or start frequently icing over or breaking, it is time to consider replacing the complete refrigerator. If the temperature doesn’t remain cold enough, you also need to take into account a replacement.

It is not a simple replacement. But the health and safety of your patrons depend on your ability to clean food items properly.

  1. Not Feeling the Heating

Your restaurant’s commercial oven and griddles are some of your most heavily used pieces of kitchen equipment.

Faulty gas heating equipment is dangerous to your kitchen staff. Gas fumes may also impact customers while they float in your restaurant.

For electrical heating components, aging equipment can brief out. When thermometers neglect, the food that you serve won’t be at the correct temperature for safe serving.

Heating and cooking equipment that needs regular repair is a liability. If these parts of the equipment are still run well after five decades of use, you can probably get a few more good years out of them with proper maintenance.

However, if your cooking surfaces need regular repair, at five years it is time to replace the equipment for food, worker, and customer safety.

  1. Don’t Ignore Dirty Dishes

A missed spot here or there on a plate or utensil is understandable.

However, if you notice food residue often left behind on “clean” dishes and silverware, it’s time for new dishwashing and sanitation equipment.

Clients do not like dirty forks. However, it’s more than merely the appearance of dirty dishes there.

When food stays on cups, plates, serving dishes, or Utensils, these bits are dangerous to serve to clients.

Your dishwashing equipment needs to spray cleanly. When Sprayers become obstructed, they are inefficient when eliminating food. If the water doesn’t get warm enough, your dishes lack proper sanitation.

Keep an eye on the cleanliness of your meals. Watch for leaks across the seals of your dishwasher. Puddles on floors are a safety hazard from the kitchen.

Replace cleaning gear if it’s failing to perform the job well.

  1. Your Ice Matters

When the ice machine doesn’t stay chilly, mold and germs can form on the inside of the ice hold.

Your ice cream needs to make ice, keep it cold, and stay ventilated enough to make sure that the ice in your client’s drinks doesn’t make them ill.

Examine the ice machine water filtration system for mold or deposits. If the ice machine runs too much, it could be working overtime to keep the ice-cold.

The machine’s ports need cleaning. When dust and debris collect in the vents, there’s a risk of ice contamination.

Your ice machine is one of the most crucial pieces of Gear. Additionally, it works harder than many of your other gear. Do not worry if you want to replace it more frequently than other types of kitchen equipment.

  1. You Think You Can Fry

If You Think you can still fry, however, your fryer is past its prime, it is time to replace it.

Based on the type of food you serve in your restaurant, you might use your fryer a lot–or a bit. Either way, keep an eye on your fryer.

Much like your griddle and commercial oven, your fryer has to maintain precise temperatures for food safety. If your fryer fails to cook food thoroughly, you risk making your patrons sick.

Keep fryers clean. Give them a lot of time to heat before use. Additionally, give them a lot of time to cool at the close of the day.

Change fry grease or oil frequently. If you notice fryer components clogged with dirt, it’s time for a replacement.

Between floor fryers or tabletop fryers, this kind of gear is easier to replace than some bigger pieces of kitchen gear. Don’t be afraid to exchange a poor one for a new one.

Keep up With the Life of Your Kitchen Equipment

Running a successful restaurant means maintaining up to date on the life span of your kitchen equipment.

Faulty equipment is a security hazard. Kitchen gear that no longer works also affects the quality of the food you serve.

Your equipment is an investment. Whether you’re setting up your kitchen or it is time to replace your well-loved gear, let’s help. Contact¬†Texas Restaurant Supply¬†to get started finding the best equipment for the specific needs of your kitchen.

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