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What Size Entrance Mat is Right for You?

We provide some guidance and clarity on the size of the Commercial Entry Mat.

There are many options and requirements for corporate entrances. Children under five years old are more likely to walk indoors in mud, grass clippings, and wet grass. They will run into the house without wiping their feet and leave a trail of mess behind that can be spread by anyone who comes in the door.

The Polyrib commercial entrance mats have a flexible vinyl backing and is made from tough polypropylene for long service life.

We hear this comment all the time when we serve schools and shops: “They are just little children so they only need small mats.” Although this sounds logical, it is not the best requirement. Children don’t think they need to wipe their feet at the entrance. They just run inside and take a host of undesirables with them, including the ones below, which may be the most common depending on the surrounding environment.

  • Wet grass clippings
  • Beach sand and beach dust
  • Snow
  • Red mud and clay

You will need doormats to help the younger generation set at least one foot on the mat. If the mat is too small for the children to reach their feet, you can throw your money away.

Why not get it right the first time? Find the nearest standard-sized commercial entrance mats that are the right length for you. It is always better to get the extra value, pay a little more and collect half the lawn clippings and mud that walk right over the mat into your facility.

This is a lesson in that children don’t stop to clean their feet and that small commercial entrance mats can be damaged by kids’ scuffles. This will result in them not being at the right place. It’s a headache for every school teacher and facility manager. It can be frustrating, even disturbing for teachers to keep on telling you about how to wipe your feet with a commercial mat. You can save your frustrations by purchasing a larger mat, especially if you are trying to save a few dollars.

A Commercial Entry mat has a rubber-reinforced profile that prevents crushing in high-traffic areas the mat is slipping, you can try the commercial Entry Mating range. These mats have anti-slip grippers underneath that help to keep the mat from sliding around. The Door Mats are a reliable choice for heavy-duty entrance mat use. That might be a question you may ask. We note that almost 80% of customers who have bought Entrymaster commercial doormats in the past five years have returned them to buy more.

As a corollary to the information above about young children, we also note that the more people enter a building the greater the likelihood they will stop to wipe their feet on Commercial Door Mats. You may find very polished floors in large corporate buildings. There is not much mud, but just a nice layer of black grime that you can contend with.

Wet street grime quickly makes pale-colored carpets look very grimy, giving them a grubby appearance. There are many options for loosely laid entrance mats, such as custom lengths and widths that can be used to cover the area.

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