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What To Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Duct Cleaning Specialist

Duct cleaning is a vital building service for facilities managers and those responsible for maintaining commercial properties. It is essential to ensure the safety and health of all who use the building’s air ducts.

However, duct cleaning can be overlooked and often becomes clogged with bacteria and dust. We will discuss why it is significant to maintain your air ducts clean, and when you should call a professional to do so.

What is the point of keeping my ducts clean and tidy?

It is essential to keep your ducts clean for good air quality. This is also a legal requirement. The Health and Safety at Work Act states that employers have the responsibility to create a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers. This legislation covers duct cleaning.

How often should my ducts be cleaned?

It all depends on your requirements, which are based on usage levels. When determining duct cleaning regulations, insurance companies take into account the following:

The level of usage can be classified as either light, moderate or heavy.

If applicable, types and quantities of food being prepared

Your vulnerability to ignition of your air duct system.

The number of people living near the ducts.

Cleaning your ducts every year is recommended for ducts that are deemed to be ‘light use’. Cleaning your ducts once a year is recommended for moderate usage. For heavy usage, you should clean them every three months. This is our latest post.

What is the best time to call a duct cleaner specialist?

A specialist will assess your usage and will perform the necessary duct cleaning or maintenance services to ensure that your property’s HVAC systems comply with your building insurance terms.

You can be sure that your ducts will be clean by hiring a professional duct cleaner.

  • You will have consistent, clean, well-maintained airflow throughout your property.
  • Respecting strict industry standards reduces the risk of insurance being invalidated and could lead to prosecution.
  • You are not responsible for any damage to the interior of your home, which decreases capital expenditures on costly redecoration or repair costs.

Understand the legal responsibility

This has been mentioned throughout. However, it is vital that you fully understand and accept your legal responsibility for cleaning ducts at commercial properties. You could face a fine or even prosecution if you fail to maintain your mechanical ventilation systems. It’s a smart idea to hire a professional duct cleaner to help you manage your commercial building.

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