Commercial Entrance Mats

What You Need to Know About Commercial Entrance Mats?

Reduces dust, mud, and other debris

When you want to keep your floors clean, commercial entrance mats are the best option. Staff and clients can wipe their feet dry and clean before entering the building. This traps dirt, dust, and other debris. Cleaner floors also mean cleaner air. Cleaner floors mean cleaner air!

Minimize Slip Hazards

It’s quite common for anyone to slip and trip. Even if the flooring is shiny and smooth, shoes that are too slippery or wet may slip and trip more. A textured entrance mat provides traction and helps to remove excess moisture. This helps to reduce the risk of people falling and slipping, which makes your floors safer.

Our mat is ideal for entrances with high foot traffic. It traps dirt and moisture in the lower part of the mat to prevent it from getting tracked onto your property. The mat also has anti-static and non-slip rubber backings that ensure it grips on all surfaces. Commercial entrance mats can help you to make sure that your business is fulfilling its duty of care to all who enter and prevent any accidents for which you may be held responsible.

Professional and decorative

You don’t want clients to have a negative first impression when they visit your facility. If your business looks messy and untidy, it will leave a bad impression. Your goal is to make them feel confident about investing in your company and positive about their experience.

Good quality commercial entrance mats can enhance professionalism and aesthetic quality while being warmly welcomed by those who visit. They don’t need to be a nuisance. When matched with your interior, entrance mats can look very smart and give your space a professional feel.

Corporate branding

No matter how big or small your business, a mat with your company branding on it can make a lasting impression. A bright mat can be used to enhance your marketing and help you push your message to convert customers into loyal customers. Clients see them first and last when they visit the premises. So why not use this opportunity to promote your business to anyone who passes?

You have the opportunity to give your space an extra touch of personality with our customised mats. They can be personalised with any message or image that you want! Our custom-made entrance mats trap dirt and moisture well and are backed to ensure they stick to any surface. This protects your floors from dirt and slips.

Protect your floor from damage

When someone walks through your facility they leave a trail of dirt, sand, and grit. This can cause damage to your floor and make it more porous. The faster your floor gets used, the more it will wear.

Placed correctly, a commercial entrance mat will protect your floors by trapping excess moisture and debris. Your floor will stay cleaner longer thanks to it. It is a low-maintenance and long-lasting way to keep your interior clean and free from damage.

This will help you save money in the long-term on cleaning products as well as maintenance costs such as replacing your flooring. Also, you won’t need to steam clean or refinish your hard floors as frequently.

Bacteria Regulation

Commercial entrance mats can be purchased that have been specifically designed to work with disinfectants. This will help regulate bacteria. These mats are particularly important for those facilities that need to be sterilized regularly, such as hospitals and laboratories. These mats prevent contaminants from spreading and becoming ingrained in your floors, making them safer for customers, employees, and visitors alike.

We have been providing trusted matting solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications for many years. We are experts in finding high-quality, high-performance mats for our customers at the most affordable price. We consider our customers to be our top priority. That is why we offer free advice and free samples to make sure you are completely satisfied with the product you choose.

Our blog provides more information about all things matting. It is constantly updated with informative posts about everything, from mat history to mat styles. If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone from our friendly team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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