Where You Can Use an Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

Where You Can Use an Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

Summer is a welcomed season for all. Vacationing on the beach, late sunsets and outdoor activities are the best parts of the summer. But we take the good with the bad, and hot, oppressive temperatures may hinder your outdoor summer activities.

Evaporative coolers or swamp coolers are massively popular, particularly from the southwestern United States, for outdoor cooling. Low yearly rain, plentiful sunshine, and scarce cloud cover are the culprits of this arid climate experienced in the Southwest.

However, outdoor swamp coolers or commercial coolers for rent can be a refreshing addition to any outdoor activity, no matter where you live.

What’s a Swamp Cooler & How Does It Work?

Swamp coolers work by the principle of evaporation. Hot air is funneled inside the swamp cooler with an axial fan. Since the hot air is drawn to the casing of this cooler, the air moves over moist, rigid cooling pads, typically made of glued corrugated paper shaped to honeycombs.

When hot air meets the wet cooling pads, the water is evaporated into the hot air, turning the water molecules into gasoline molecules. The result is cooler air filtered out front. As stated by the Department of Energy, ambient temperatures can be reduced by as much as 20 — 30 levels.

Last, evaporative coolers are frequently helpful in deterring pests –mainly mosquitoes–by invading your patio, camping place, or outside BBQ party. Insects hate moving atmosphere since it makes it difficult for them to fly.

The consistent, cool breeze of the evaporative cooler is a useful tool for keeping flies and bees at bay. You only have to be diligent in assessing your evaporative cooler for mold, insects, and other debris for a clean system.

From outside living rooms to gorgeous restaurant patios, evaporative coolers give people the capacity and will to withstand the dry, hot air. Discover the versatile applications of an outside swamp cooler for your summer activities.

Where Would You Use an Outdoor Evaporative Cooler?

Street Festivals

Hot outdoor temperatures can quickly sap the pleasure and enjoyment of an outing. Even in the southeast where temperatures and humidity may climb, an evaporative cooler used outdoors can significantly lessen the surrounding temperatures under a pop-up canopy, pavilion, or occasion tent, keeping you and your clients cool.

Furthermore, evaporative coolers are capable of repelling mosquitoes and other bugs.

Concert Events

Summer outdoor concert events are widely popular. Coachella, Bumbershoot, and Burning Man are only a couple of the outdoor concert events which are mainstays of summertime. However, surviving the hot, arid climates of those delicacies is a challenge.

An outdoor event can easily be remedied by an outdoor swamp cooler on rental, on-site for maintaining concert-goers refreshed, cool, and playful.

Outdoor Living Area

People today love to be outdoors, so it must come as no real surprise that we’re currently incorporating the outdoors with our living spaces.

Blending indoor living layouts into a patio or large deck gives us a reason to enjoy our backyards, decks, and patios. Hosting a party? An outdoor evaporative cooler is vital for reducing outside temperatures and keeping mosquitoes at bay. Our commercial coolers for rent are brief, heap, and provides 3,000 CFM of cool air.

Restaurant Patios

Swamp coolers can also come in handy for our restaurateurs, as maintaining an outside patio or deck comfortable to patrons is vital for business. Filling the deck and maintaining guests comfortable is essential.

Outdoor evaporative coolers can provide needed relief from scorching temperatures in the kind of cool atmosphere, therefore guests are enjoying the open deck or patio.

Camping or RV Travel

Camping in a tent? How about RV traveling? No matter the Action, a portable outdoor swamp cooler could quickly alleviate the hot temperatures related to summer. A literal buzz kill, insects can also ruin a great camping trip.

Using an outdoor portable evaporative cooler in your camping area or space will discourage those pesky bees, flies, and mosquitoes out of hanging around, too!

A fantastic portable outdoor swamp cooler is your with 3,100 CFM 3-Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler w/ Automatic Controls.


Grilling is an American pastime, and there’s nothing better than enjoying open-flame cooked meals at your BBQ celebration, the shore, or festivities.

But if you feel like you’re the one cooking in the oppressive warmth, an evaporative cooler may cure the hot, sweaty feeling from cooking over the grill.

Can It Be a Waste of Energy to Utilize an Evaporative Cooler Outdoors?

It’s not entirely practical to use air conditioning outside, and turning off the air conditioner is a much-needed reprieve to your pocket. If you believe portable outside swamp coolers use just a quarter of the energy of an air conditioner, you can understand why these components are so common.

An outside evaporative cooler is a great investment if you enjoy spending time outside.

Preferred Climate Solutions is owned and operated by HVAC veterans. We have over 17 years experience with portable heating and cooling systems, plus a lifetime of experience with Texas’ challenging climate. We provide an array of portable cooling and heating rental solutions 24/7. We have locations in Houston, Dallas/Ft Worth & Austin Texas.

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