Blinds Over Curtains for Your Bedroom

Why You Should Select Blinds Over Curtains for Your Bedroom?

Who doesn’t like a well-aerated and uncluttered space in your property? For some, it is the only place where becoming productive is natural. You try to keep that distance as lucid as you can. You see to it that it has proper ventilation and aeration to keep you on your toes always. There is a debatable argument regarding choosing blinds over curtains in your bedroom. So, the question arises why do we have to discard the traditional way of utilizing curtains and select blinds instead. The answer appears to be quite evident once all of the reasons are stated.

Washing is no longer a head-ache

Discarding the utilization of curtains eliminates the loathsome job of adding one more item to your laundry. Had it not been for blinds, the curtains have to be washed periodically after every 3 months. The task is cumbersome provided we have windows and therefore curtains in every other area. The replacement with blinds eradicates this issue utterly. Cleansing the blinds is a much trouble-free task. At most, all you need to do is scrub them with soapy hot water. It would wipe out all of the dust giving you a shimmering finish. This hassle-free rinsing of dividers provides busy people a pretty good reason for picking blinds over curtains.

You can command the intensity of light

While curtains do not completely block the light out when required, blinds emerge victorious in this regard. You can continue to keep sunlight in check. You can allow minimalistic sunlight to enter your space or allow your room to be completely flooded with light. You might also block the light entirely. All this with the simple task of changing the angles of the blades. You don’t have that kind of power while using curtains. Even though there are certain types of curtains composed of efficient sun-blocking fabric or color, but the proficiency of controlling the amount of light cannot be matched with the blinds.

Blinds are more durable and long-lasting

Setting up blinds is a one-time investment with good outputs and durability. Blinds are made up of several slabs of various materials like plastic, metal, or wood blinds for sale. This substance provides its durability to withstand prolonged periods. Consequently, it saves time whereas, in the instance of drapes, you need to have it replaced from time to time since there are good wear and tear of curtains.

Superior completing touch

Installing blinds in your home instead of curtains gives your home a burnished touch. While picking drapes, you’ve got to be meticulous concerning their color and fabric. You have to be certain that the curtains complement your property. You need to undergo this procedure each time you alter your curtains. Whereas, in the case of installing blinds, there is not much battle. Additionally, blinds do not take up a lot of space, unlike drapes. Blinds look immaculate and sleek which gives it an upper hand in selecting blinds over curtains.

Blinds are easier to measure

The curtains will need to be measured thoroughly. They need appropriate hem and bands to hang down so they can control the intensity of light in your rooms. In the case of dividers, all you need is to measure the window size and get it installed by professionals. They may be directly connected to the supporting frame of windows without much ado. From time to time, hanging the curtains is a job in itself and requires various clips, hangers, tapes, and rails to hang down suitably and appropriately. The installation of blinds in your house alleviates attention to all such awkward information.

Easier to use

Blinds are also easy to use. All you have to do is alter the angle of the blades according to your convenience and leisure. However, in the instance of curtains, they sometimes get stuck into the railings. It becomes tiring to start up them. Such minor inconveniences are eliminated.


Blinds provide us with a wide range of varieties like Venetian blinds, Roller blinds, Sliding panel dividers, and Skylight blinds. All this adds to the flexibility of your home giving it a sleek touch. The color and the fabric is the only variety that curtains supply you with. Starwood Distributors, a leading brand of blinds operating in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas, along with surrounding regions. It works for providing people with the most exquisite designs of blinds at affordable prices.

This major brand provides you with an entire variety of dividers like Vertical blinds, roller blinds, and horizontal blinds to satisfy all kinds of predilection. They appeal to all kinds of requirements with regard to queries, supply, manufacturing, and installation facilities. This domain name makes use of fabric and mesh to make durable and dust-resistant window coverings. The blinds may be manual or remote controlled based on your convenience. This firm has a complete group of faithful and trusted customers with satisfactory results.

With 35+ years experience, our local, family-owned company, Starwood Window & Floor Coverings, specializes in Plantation Shutters, Blinds, Roller Shades, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate, Carpet and Vinyl Energy Efficient Replacement Windows at WHOLESALE PRICES!
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